Game Plan

With a labor agreement tentatively in place, the NBA's next challenge will be bringing the fans back.

Siri, Sexism, and Silicon Valley

Siri might not be sexist, but that doesn't let Apple—or the tech world—off the hook.

Justice, Deferred

It may be frustrating when federal watchdogs strike toothless deals with Wall Street, but it reflects regulators' alarming lack of resources.

Way Down in the Hole

As today's unemployment numbers show, the conservative recovery is taking its toll.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Adultery, harassment—what's the diff?

Death, Interrupted

Oregon's stay of execution for a death-row inmate signals a wider movement to stop capital punishment.

Why Egypt Matters

Will the country remain a model for nonviolent revolution in the Middle East?

Bring Back the Space Race

To remain competitive, the U.S. needs to rebalance its portfolio of talent.

Queering Congress

With Barney Frank set to retire, few LGBT politicians are waiting in the wings.

The Diminishing Marginal Return of Voting for Barack Obama

Democrats aren't thrilled by the prospect of voting for Obama again.


The possible demise of the Women's Professional Soccer league leaves soccer-playing girls without a dream to aspire to — and women's soccer in the U.S. without a plan. 

Back from China?

Manufacturing once gave the U.S. its middle-class majority. Can it do it again?

Snobs Like Us

When did cultural disdain become the province of the left?

Manning Up

Rick Perry, the man George W. Bush pretended to be, personifies the allure of Texastosterone.

A Big Endorsement for Gingrich

The former speaker of the House gets the nod from New Hampshire's most important newspaper, but will it matter?