Could the Ferguson Conflict Produce Actual Reform on The Limits of Policing?

There's an opportunity for change, both in federal policy and how the police everywhere look at their own decisions.

Trying to Learn From Criticism, Even When It's Misguided or Rude

It's never easy to get past one's own defensiveness. But if you want someone to listen to you, invective is the worst way to go about it. 

Why It's So Idiotic to Complain When the President Takes a Vacation

Do people really think that if he were back in Washington, he'd be making decisions they'd be happier with?

Enough With 'Raising Awareness' Already

Any time you see a campaign about "raising awareness," it probably means next to nothing is actually being accomplished.

If Having a Foreign Policy Doctrine Is So Important, Why Won't Hillary Clinton Spell Hers Out?

Unlike her former boss, she thinks it's important to have one. She just isn't prepared to say what hers is.

The Inevitability of Republican Reactions

Some still manage to cling to the fantasy that if President Obama is nice enough to the GOP, they'll be nice back.

What Is the 2016 GOP Primary Going to be About?

Republicans could have their own "theory of change" primary, like Democrats did in 2008. Rick Perry, believe it or not, appears to have the sanest theory.

The Dumbest Affectation in Congress

If you're sleeping in your office to show you haven't "gone Washington," all you've shown is that you're a phony and a fool.

The Agony of the Red State Democrat

Running as a Democrat in a conservative state can't be any fun at all.

Why Moderate Districts Don't Produce Moderate Congressmembers

In some places, the mismatch can be stark.

Why Tea Party Members of Congress Act So Darn Crazy--And Liberal Democrats Don't

In Congress, liberal Democrats make requests, while conservative Republicans make demands. What gives?

Today's Conservative Obamacare Baloney Debunked

They're absurdly excited that an adviser to the White House seemed to support the rationale of the Halbig decision in a 2012 video. Here's why they shouldn't be.

How Did the GOP Turn Into Such a Bunch of Clowns?

Democrats used to marvel at Republicans' political skill. But it's been a decade since the GOP won a victory in policy or elections that wasn't pre-ordained by circumstance.

The Worst Excuse for Plagiarism You'll Ever Hear

Sen. John Walsh's political career may be over, and it's his own fault. But what the hell are they teaching at the Army War College?

On Israel, Looking for Hope In a Sea of Bad Faith and Despair

How can you find your way when the situation is so bleak and advocates on both sides are so repugnant?