Does America Have the Greediest Doctors?

We have a health care system where people are getting rich left and right, and some physicians want their share.

Plagiarism Charges and the Vapidity of Campaign Website 'Plans'

How much of a sin is it when we find out a candidate's policy plans are pilfered?

This Is Going to Hurt You More Than It Hurts Me

Advocates of corporal punishment should be honest about the principle underlying their position.

Why This Will Be the Unaccountable War

There are so many shades of grey that no one but Barack Obama himself will need to take responsibility for it.

Why ISIL Wants to Be In a War With America

The videos they produce are an attempt to bait us into responding.

Benghazi Select Committee Hearings Begin; Craziness Inevitably to Follow

Herewith, my predictions on how this whole thing is going to play out.

Republicans Go Boldly to (Sort Of) Support Obama on ISIL

The one aspect of his plan they're willing to vote to support is the one with the greatest risks.

What America Needs Is More Senators Who Can Handle Themselves In a Firefight

In Kentucky, even Democrats shoot guns in their campaign ads.

Why Is President Obama the Only One Not Trying to Make the Public Afraid?

Republicans and even some Democrats are telling us to get our fear on. But the president, who might have things to gain from it, isn't joining in.

Just How Big a Threat to the U.S. Is ISIL?

The answer may not be so simple, and now's the time to ask the question.

The Power of Images, Real and Assumed

A story is being written in which America's next war is beginning because of a pair of pictures. How true is it?

Quotes of the Day: On Obama's 'Deep Belief'

Some surprising congressional candor, and a George W. Bush aide explaining Barack Obama's soul.

No, Democrats Can't Win Back the House -- At Least Not Just Yet

Republicans have a built-in advantage, but it's one with an expiration date.

Doomed Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign Moves Closer to Reality

Somebody is going to have to build a bridge between the Tea Partiers and the establishment, but Jeb isn't that man.

Mitt Romney, the Charles Atlas of International Relations

In a comically ridiculous op-ed, the failed presidential candidate explains why the largest military on earth is actually a scrawny loser getting sand kicked in its face.