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Liu Nominated To California Supreme Court

Goodwin Liu, whose nomination to the federal bench was blocked by Senate Republicans, has been nominated by California Governor Jerry Brown to the Supreme Court of California.

Obama Dismisses Deferred Action

President Obama's speech to the National Council of La Raza yesterday began, oddly enough on the deficit, but later he went on to defend his position on not instituting a formal policy of "deferred action" for undocumented immigrants who might be eligible for the DREAM Act should it pass:

THE PRESIDENT: Believe me -- believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. (Laughter.) I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. (Laughter.) But that's not how -- that's not how our system works.

How Would Legalizing Marijuana Change American Culture?

Keith Humphreys writes about how the legalization of marijuana might impact Americans' cultural relationship with the drug:

Today In Bad Anti-Islamophobe Arguments

Roger Cohen tries to compare alleged Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Breivik to Jared Lee Loughner:

On one level Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian responsible for the biggest massacre by a single gunman in modern times, is just a particularly murderous psychotic loner: the 32-year-old mama’s boy with no contact with his father, obsessed by video games (Dragon Age II) as he preens himself (“There was a relatively hot girl on [sic] the restaurant today checking me out”) and dedicates his time in asexual isolation to the cultivation of hatred and the assembly of a bomb from crushed aspirin and fertilizer.


Allen West says gay service members will destroy the military.

Chauncey DeVega has more on Captain America.

According to anti-marriage-equality activists, these happy people are a threat to America.

Bad day to blame the Muslim Brotherhood for everything.

Why Jewish voters recoil from Republicans. 

Captain America's Fictitious, Integrated 1940s America


In the vein of what Ta-Nehisi Coates referred to as a "convenient suspension of disbelief" in X-Men First Class, Captain America: First Avenger dutifully ignores the civil-rights struggles of the 1940s. Well, not exactly -- where X-Men simply didn't mention the civil-rights struggles of the 1960s, Captain America: First Avenger pretends segregation didn't exist in the 1940s.

Geller: Oslo Is The Fault Of Muslims And Liberals

In case you're wondering who Pam Geller, one of the anti-Muslim bloggers cited in the manifesto of alleged Oslo shooter Anders Behring Breivik, sees as responsible for the shootings:

This whole exercise is ridiculous. Anders Behring Breivik is responsible for his actions. If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists. If anything incited him to violence, it was the Euro-Med policy.

So, if there's a terrorist attack committed by a Muslim, Muslims are responsible. If it's committed by an anti-Islam right-winger, then it's also Muslims' fault, and those damned tolerant liberals, too.

Anti-Islam Bloggers: Collective Blame Suddenly Wrong

My post at Greg's today is about right-wing anti-Islam bloggers suddenly discovering the evil of collective blame:

Pamela Geller, who along with Professional Islamophobe Robert Spencer has been active in opposing the construction of mosques in the U.S., wrote: “This is just a sinister attempt to tar all anti-jihadists with responsibility for this man’s heinous actions.” Spencer, for his part, wrote: “as if killing a lot of children aids the defense against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, or has anything remotely to do with anything we have ever advocated.”

Rick Perry's "Moderation" On Gay Rights

Rick Perry.jpg

Notwithstanding the prayer gatherings, Texas Governor Rick Perry has staked out what can be described as a moderate position on the issue of same-sex marriage, saying it should be left up to the states.

"Terrorism Expert" Hired By U.S. Frequently Cited By Oslo Terrorist In Manifesto

Walid Shoebat, a "terrorism expert" with a dubious background who was paid by the U.S. government to train law enforcement in counterterrorism, is frequently cited in the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged right-wing terrorist who is accused of killing more than 90 people in Oslo last week. Brevik cites Shoebat more than 15 times.


"That yenta annoys the crap out of me with just her whining voice."

In 60 days, DADT is dead for good.

It's a shame how tough it is to find a segregated private school in DC these days.

Boehner kills the debt deal.

"Tort Reform" And Hot Coffee

Scott Lemieux reviews "Hot Coffee," a documentary that describes how corporate interests leveraged the 1994 Liebeck v McDonald's case into a successful movement to curtail civil suits:

White Flight

If you want to see political vindication of the Republican decision to pursue a strategy of racial grievance, portraying Barack Obama as an un-American outsider with a "deep-seated hatred of white people," you need only look at Pew's latest analysis in the shift in partisan identification: