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Lindsey Lohan cites the Cato Institute's work on U.S. sentencing policy.

Jury shake-ups in the trial of Oscar Grant's killer.

A rights group for gay and lesbian service members is concerned that participating in the study the Department of Defense says it must perform before ending "don't ask, don't tell" could lead to discharges.

Sharia Is Everywhere.

Stephanie Mercimer tries to parse Andy McCarthy's latest attack on Elena Kagan, which is titled:


Hmmm ... Is it just me or does this sound familiar?

Dept. Of "Irrefutable Evidence."

I think my favorite conservative reaction to the New Black Panther Party case so far has come from John Hinderaker at Powerline, who decries "Eric Holder's racist enforcement policies."

It is rather comical that the same media outlets who enthusiastically propagated the false claim that the Bush administration had politicized DOJ studiously avert their eyes when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the real thing.

Reverse Racism.

The term "reverse racism" has always bothered me, but until recently I never realized why. I suppose there are some people in academia who still think that "black people can't be racist," because black people don't have the political or social power to implement their prejudice as policy, but these people are obviously a minority.

Limbaugh's "Payback."

Rush Limbaugh, arguing that the Obama administration is prolonging the recession as "payback" against white people:

The Obama Administration's First Successful Military Commission.


Guantanamo Bay detainee Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al-Qosi, Osama bin Laden's former chef, has given the Obama administration its first conviction by military commission, pleading guilty to providing material support for terrorism. As Spencer Ackerman reports, al-Qosi wasn't the most fearsome character:


More on "acting white" from Jamelle Bouie.

The revamped military commissions secure their first conviction, against Osama bin Laden's cook.

Another reason to like the Fake AP Style Book more.

Mitt Romney's efforts to show he has a grasp on foreign affairs continue to fail. But at least he knows what he's doing on health care right?

Rick Lazio Tries To Make Ground Zero Islamic Center A Campaign Issue.

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio is now demanding that his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, investigate the Cordoba Initiative, the organization headed by Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf that is building an Islamic Center near Ground Zero:

Why Wasn't Civil Rights Part Of The Justice Department's Challenge To Arizona?

As I noted earlier this morning, the Justice Department has challenged Arizona's draconian immigration law on the grounds that it infringes on the federal government's authority to enforce immigration laws, not on the basis of civil rights. I noted that, given the circumstances, this might be a smart political choice. A coalition of civil-rights groups filed a challenge months ago contending that the law didn't merely preempt the federal government's authority but that it would lead to racial discrimination.

Things You Can Say About Muslims.

Well this seems like a rather anti-Semitic editorial from the Washington Times:

Judaism's meager contribution to human technological advancement is no accident. In his new book "The Closing of the Jewish Mind," former Voice of America director Robert Reilly describes the brief flourishing of intellectualism in Jewish Spain 1,000 years ago before it was brutally suppressed by religious extremists. They imposed a continuing Jewish orthodoxy that is hostile to rational thought and to the scientific method. ... The small number of discoveries credited to that part of the world since the Middle Ages came principally from conquered peoples.

Lethal Injection or Firing Squad?

Chipotle Burrito.jpg

Mariana Cotlear takes issue with James McWilliams' claim that a McDonald's Big Mac is healthier than a Chipotle burrito:

New Black Panther Party Primer.

After months of trying, conservative complaints about the New Black Panther Party voter-suppression case have finally begun to trickle into the mainstream press. Between the recession and the oil spill, chances are you may be a little behind on the subject, so I've put together a primer that includes reporting from me and others who have been following the fight over  the Civil Rights Division since the end of the Bush administration. The story is complicated, and most of the mainstream media reporters are just parachuting in.


Bibi liked Obama's Cairo speech.

Abigail Thernstrom, a Republican appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, thinks the New Black Panther Party case is a waste of time.

Like Mike Konczal, I would trade a bankruptcy exception for guns in exchange for cramdown. Then again, who cares about being homeless when you've got guns?