Harold Meyerson

  • A Shifting Electoral Map Gives Democrats the Advantage

    A new 50-state poll from The Washington Post contains both good and bad news for Democrats. Third-party candidates appear to be helping Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton, but long-term demographic trends clearly favor progressives. 

  • How the Charter School Lobby Is Changing the Democratic Party

    In cities and states nationwide, centrist billionaires are working to unseat progressive Democrats.  

  • Obama Confronts Trump's Shaky Grasp of Democracy

    Contrasting sharply with the Republican message last week, the president stressed democratic values. 

  • Bill Clinton Wins Hearts and Heads

    The Democratic Party’s éminence grise delivers a masterful portrait of the woman and change agent who would be president.

  • The Sighted and the Blinkered

    Bernie Sanders succeeded in pulling both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton to the left. But a loud minority fails to see this victory.

  • At Democratic Convention, Bernie's Army Takes on a Life of its Own

    Bernie Sanders has won key concessions from Democrats and accepted Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick, but many of his followers are marching in a different direction.


  • Trump's Dystopia

    Trump’s dark warnings and grandiose pledges that he alone can save the troubled nation sound an ominously authoritarian note.

  • Boos for Cruz

    The angry outbreaks that have disrupted this year’s GOP convention haven’t been seen since Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964.

  • Convention: A City on Edge

    As Republicans prepare to officially nominate Donald Trump as their standard bearer, Cleveland braces for the worst.

  • Bernie, Hillary, and the Ghost of Ernst Thalmann

    In campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders will be making sure his voters don’t suffer from the blind spot that plagued Nazi-era Communist leader Ernst Thälmann, who argued that the Social Democrats posed a greater threat than Adolf Hitler.

  • Why the Democrats Need to Sink the TPP

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership, coming before the party’s platform committee on Friday, is a nightmare for Hillary Clinton. 

  • How Democrats Can Unify in California

    Both Sanderistas and Clintonistas should campaign this fall against the corporations’ growing Sacramento clout.

  • The First Post-Middle-Class Election

    The politics of downward mobility and racial diversity have eroded the center, pushing Democrats to the left and Republicans toward an authoritarian right.

  • Harmony and Dissonance: Two Meetings of the Democrats and the Left

    Last weekend, a “People’s Summit” in Chicago and a Democratic Party meeting in California demonstrated how progressives can come together.

  • The Two Democratic Victors

    And how the unions can bring them together.