Harold Meyerson

  • At Democratic Convention, Bernie's Army Takes on a Life of its Own

    Bernie Sanders has won key concessions from Democrats and accepted Hillary Clinton's vice presidential pick, but many of his followers are marching in a different direction.


  • Trump's Dystopia

    Trump’s dark warnings and grandiose pledges that he alone can save the troubled nation sound an ominously authoritarian note.

  • Boos for Cruz

    The angry outbreaks that have disrupted this year’s GOP convention haven’t been seen since Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964.

  • Convention: A City on Edge

    As Republicans prepare to officially nominate Donald Trump as their standard bearer, Cleveland braces for the worst.

  • Bernie, Hillary, and the Ghost of Ernst Thalmann

    In campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders will be making sure his voters don’t suffer from the blind spot that plagued Nazi-era Communist leader Ernst Thälmann, who argued that the Social Democrats posed a greater threat than Adolf Hitler.

  • Why the Democrats Need to Sink the TPP

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership, coming before the party’s platform committee on Friday, is a nightmare for Hillary Clinton. 

  • How Democrats Can Unify in California

    Both Sanderistas and Clintonistas should campaign this fall against the corporations’ growing Sacramento clout.

  • The First Post-Middle-Class Election

    The politics of downward mobility and racial diversity have eroded the center, pushing Democrats to the left and Republicans toward an authoritarian right.

  • Harmony and Dissonance: Two Meetings of the Democrats and the Left

    Last weekend, a “People’s Summit” in Chicago and a Democratic Party meeting in California demonstrated how progressives can come together.

  • The Two Democratic Victors

    And how the unions can bring them together.

  • How the Bros Are Undermining Bernie

    If the Sanders Revolution is ever to come to fruition, the Bernie Brigades will have to vote for and work for Hillary Clinton’s election in the fall.

  • Europe Goes American, and That Ain’t Good

    The same racial, religious, and ethnic tensions that have long divided America are now unraveling Northern Europe’s bonds of solidarity.

  • New Yorkers Against Wall Street

    The exit polls reveal bipartisan anger at the big banks.

  • Republicans Against Legroom

    Maximizing airline shareholder value means minimizing passenger comfort, and GOP senators vote to keep it that way.

  • Fifteen Dollars, Fathers and Sons

    Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo—sons of Democratic governors more liberal than they—both go big on the minimum wage.