That '70s Decade

The American Prospect

Volume 11, Issue 12. May 8, 2000

Care, Charity, and Profit

Robert Kuttner

Thy Kingdom Dot Com

Paul Starr

Devil in the Details:
scandalous book reviews; for God and Ford; The Taxonomist; those poor impeachment managers

The Money Chase

Joshua Micah Marshall

If the Democrats take the House, money will be a big reason.

Photo Finishes

Jeremy Derfner

Tallying the odds on 10 close House races.

Kids First?

Joshua Sharfstein

How vaccination politics undermine public health.

After Anthrax

Wendy Orent

Can former Soviet bioweapons scientists be trusted to turn their lethal skills to public health efforts?

Neglect for Sale

Eyal Press and Jennifer Washburn

Two decades ago, advocates fought to shut down abusive state institutions that warehoused the mentally retarded. Today, people with developmental disabilities face a new threat: big business. An investigative report.

Rx for a Planetary Fever

Ross Gelbspan

Diplomats expect an "emissions trading" market to solve global warming. It won't work. Here's what will.

Are We All Progressives Now?

John B. Judis

Today's politicians of the left, right, and center liken themselves to Progressive Era reformers.

Caveat Lector

Wendy Kaminer

When self-help books don't help, is anyone liable?

The Film Critic:
Word of Mouth

Alexandra Marshall

In Black and White, a film about the allure of hip-hop, wealthy white adolescents are drawn less to the music than to the life-style.

The TV Critic:
Psychic Friends Network

Joshua Gamson

Corpses, clairvoyant in-jokes, and psychic coming-out stories in a prime-time support group, The Others.

Roar of the Crowd

Leslie Epstein

Sports fans (especially Yankee fans) as primal horde.

Post-Zionist Israel

Bernard Avishai

History marches on. Rapidly.

Book Reviews:
Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong Edward Cohn; The Shoemaker and the Tea Party: Memory and the American Revolution Charles Davis; That '70s Decade ; Alexander Hamilton, American and Duel Richard C. Leone; How We Got Here and The Seventies Steven Biel

Red, White and Blue

Fraser Simpson

Solutions to "Clues to Corruption" (April 24, 2000)

The Last Word:
The Great Divide

Robert B. Reich