An Agenda

During an overly busy Monday, an important post got away from me. Yesterday morning, the Senate Democratic Leadership unveiled the 10 bills comprising the year's Democratic agenda. And they're good. Max has the policy papers up for download, Steve Soto has more in the way of summaries and I've put the Leadership's rundown after the jump. Anything I would add to those three would be redundant, but it's worth cautioning what these are not -- they are not a Contract With America, there's no bullet point list of policies we want implemented. It's not an agenda targeted at Republican weaknesses. Instead, the Senate Leadership has created a policy package on every issue so no Republican proposal ever lacks a progressive counterpoint, so no critic can ever charge that Democrats lack alternatives and so no Democratic flack will step on a Sunday show without an affirmative counterproposal backing his criticisms. Props to Reid, it's an important first step that shows he's getting our house (or, more accurately, Senate) in order. But it's still a defensive maneuver. Now that we've got a policy foundation for ourselves, it's time to create a package aimed at our opponents.