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AJC. The furor over an American Jewish Committee publication accusing liberal leaning Jews like Richard Cohen of being anti-Semitic should come as little surprise. Despite its anodyne sounding name, the AJC supports a number of anti-progressive causes. The neoconservative Commentary Magazine which until this January was published by the AJC, is one such outfit. Another, perhaps less well known, organization is the Geneva-based UN Watch. Though UN Watch purports to judge the UN�s performance by the �yardstick of the UN charter,� most of its work is dedicated to criticizing UN human rights machinery (which it accuses of anti-Israel bias), pushing confrontation with Iran, and scandal mongering.

UPDATE: As for this new AJC report, I'm tempted to say that the real anti-Semites are those Jews who water-down the definition of anti-Semitism by accusing other Jews of being anti-Semites, but I believe that would make me an anti-Semite too ... so never mind.

--Mark Leon Goldberg

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