Al-Qaeda Covering Up Its Anthony Weiner Conspiracy

Midway through the Anthony Weiner scandal, folks on the Islamophobic right decided that a Democratic Congressman sending pictures of his penis wasn't humiliating enough and concluded that Weiner was part of an Islamist plot to take over America, because his wife Huma Abedin is a Muslim.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, perhaps worried that their plot had been uncovered, devoted a section to mocking Weiner in the latest issue of their magazine Inspire.

A faux full-page ad in the summer issue bears a photo of a feisty Weiner speaking before the House of Representatives under the banner, "An angry Weiner head."

It goes on to quote Weiner in one of his early, deceitful explanations about how a picture of his crotch was sent to a Seattle college student.

"This was a prank to make fun of my name!" a readout next to the photo blares.

Obviously, this just proves that the original conspiracy is true and that Weiner's uncritical support for Israel was just part of the coverup. Why make fun of Weiner in the first place, other than to throw the stealth jihad detectives off the scent? We're lucky that Weiner's political career was damaged by a scandal before he was elected mayor of New York where he might have instituted Shariah law by fiat.

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