Chris Simms ponders the relationship between Batman and Superman, the "World's Finest Friendship."

Stories where Batman rails against Superman for being able to fly above it all and have bullets bounce of his chest while sitting in his billion-dollar stealth jet, nestled snugly in his kevlar armor, both of which were prepared for the evening by his combat trained butler, are among the dumbest things that have ever seen print. Yes, Batman struggled and trained, and that's a very important aspect of his character, but you know how he traveled around the world to become a ninja and stocked his utility belt with grappling hooks and pointy metal logos? He used the vast fortune he inherited from his parents through no effort of his own, and having that much money is the closest thing we have in the real world to super-powers. Ragging on Superman for "inheriting" powers -- powers he uses exclusively to help other people -- rather than being a self-made man isn't just being a dick, it's being a massively hypocritical dick.

Emphasis original. Maybe this makes Bruce Wayne a "massively hypocritical dick," but nothing about the interpretation of him as someone who is deeply entitled and unconscious of his own incredible privilege, even as he rails against others for their lack of similar success, strikes me as an unrealistic portrayal of rich people. All the same, given the impact default would have on his bottom line, I think Wayne would probably support raising the debt ceiling. 

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