A BETTER GALLON OF MILK. I think Ezra was right the other day -- it�s silly to expect Rudy Giuliani to know the price of a gallon of milk. For one thing, he�s an empty-nester who might not even buy milk. For another, if he does, he or Judy undoubtedly buys it at a Korean deli on the Upper East Side, where it�s easily north of $4 and, if organic or grass-fed or something like that, probably closer to $7. So he could have given an entirely truthful answer that would have seemed, to his questioner, insanely �out of touch.�

However, there are some things presidential candidates ought to be able to attach a number to, aren�t there? Here are 10, for starters, that I think a candidate kinda sorta oughta have a handle on. If you�re like me you�ll be close on some and pretty far off on others, but then, we�re not running for president:

I�m sure you have thoughts on these, and your own ideas. Pile on!

--Michael Tomasky