Body Politics

For years, pro-choice activists have feared The Moment when abortion rights disappear in America. But there is not going to be A Moment. There is a movement, and it is chipping away at choice in many small moments.

Start with the Supreme Court. With Sandra Day O'Connor gone, Justice Anthony Kennedy becomes the swing vote. Whither Roe? He'll support the decision with one hand and slowly gut abortion rights with the other, Helena Silverstein and Wayne Fishman predict.

Meanwhile, Allison Stevens reports that in many parts of the country, abortion looks a lot like it did before 1973: open to women of means, nearly impossible for everyone else. And just what were pro-choice groups doing while all this was going on? As Stevens reports on conversations with activists from some red states, not enough.

Lastly, to abortion rights among the punditry priesthood: For years, many center-left commentators (all men!) have been arguing that a reversal of Roe would be good for Democrats politically by defusing the issue. Scott Lemieux delivers the counterpunch.

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