Breitbart's Journolist Reward.

Andrew Breitbart has offered a hundred grand for the entire Journolist archives, the now-defunct off-the-record e-mail list of center-left-leaning policy wonks and journalists that led to Dave Weigel leaving The Washington Post. The only person who could likely fulfill that request is Ezra Klein -- since the archive has been deleted, all that's left is what people haven't removed from their inboxes, and even then, that's premised on the possibility that Ezra never deleted anything. Anyone else would only be able to offer the e-mails they were sent after they joined.

If Breitbart does succeed at getting some substantial portion of the list, he's going to be terribly disappointed with all the threads about Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, wonky arguments over health care and Social Security, disagreements over whether Italy's victory in the 1934 World Cup was tainted by Benito Mussolini's interference, and inside jokes about obscure sub-genres of East Asian art. There was no message coordination, no conspiracy.

I'm not even really certain that Breitbart really believes there's some sort of liberal conspiracy here. Rather, this seems to be motivated by the same thing that made the leaks from "journolist" a scandal in the first place -- there are a certain number of high-profile conservatives who are almost pathologically thin-skinned, and the thought that someone, somewhere might be saying something mean about them is absolutely infuriating. I'm betting it's still dominating the conversation on some of their off-the-record e-mail lists.

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