The Bugman Goeth

You have to respect the karmic rightness of this: Tom DeLay's redistricting toughened his own district, so in 2004, having historically won 60+% with no effort, he only took 55% against an unfunded Democratic challenger. Now it;s back to Sugar Land for the Bug Man, as he tries to shore up support. That's a Good Thing for the country; every evening spent in a bad buffet line with the rest of the Lions Order is a night he's not raising cash for other candidates or plotting new and ever more devious ways to screw the country. And I love Rep. Emanuel's perspective:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said he is happy that DeLay is "meeting some real people instead of just K Street lobbyists."

"Maybe he'll find out the people actually like Social Security," Emanuel said.

Well played. Now caption this picture of the majority leader of the United States Congress: