Tom Laskawy is attending Princeton's "Feeding a Hot and Hungry Planet" conference. Fun stuff. But he must not be that engaged because he had time to send a couple IMs that suggested a truly disturbing ability to anticipate my interests:

Tom: i'm at an ag conf. at princeton listening to an official from the UN FAO. he had a tidbit i need to share with you.

90% of "enteric fermentation" GHG emissions are from BURPING.

cow farting is basically off the hook. i knew you'd want to be advised of this development

That basically means that the potent methane emissions from cows -- emissions that contribute quite a lot to climate change -- are the product of burps, not farts. Which makes them slightly less funny, and hopefully makes the political system slightly more capable of taking them seriously. And he's right. I am glad to be advised of this development.

By the way: You don't know how hard it was to resist attaching a puerile picture to this post.