CAN WE NOT LET THE CLEAVAGE CONVERSATION BEGIN? The Washington Post today has an article defending it's recent style section piece on Hillary Clinton's neckline: "Let the Cleavage Conversation Begin." How about not? Pretty please? The article is a completely vapid attempt to justify what was itself a completely vapid piece that was rightly derided and condemned by pretty much everyone. The best part is the author of the original piece's defense:

People have gone down the road of saying, 'I can't believe you're writing about her breasts.' I wasn't writing about her breasts. I was writing about her neckline."

Because that's so much better. Seriously if this turns into the next haircut controversy I'm going to lose it completely. We all know Hillary Clinton has breasts, a month of the media talking about them isn't going to do anyone any good. In fact, I'm pretty sure it'll do a lot of bad...

--Sam Boyd