CHILDLESSNESS. I'm grateful to Brother Paul for the loophole in his wording that appears to exempt yours truly from presumed incapability of understanding the profound grief of burying one's own child: "At the risk of being exclusionary to the young and childless here on Tapped, if you don�t have kids, you wouldn�t understand." Thank goodness the old and childless are spared such judgment.

As for the rest of Paul's post, I daresay that the Edwards marriage may well be the thing that best recommends the one-term senator for the job. He definitely seems like a good guy and his wife, Elizabeth, is even more impressive. On the matter of religion, I like that Edwards doesn't make a big show of his. While I find it admirable of Paul (and Harold) to state, in public, their disbelief, I remain wary of any full exposition of religious beliefs or lack thereof by politicians. Alas, the conditions that led Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to play coy on the exact nature of their own beliefs still prevail, I think.

--Adele M. Stan

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