This is all getting a little silly. From Dave Weigel's article on the efforts of pro-life Kansans to derail Kathleen Sebelius's nomination:

According to [David Gittrich, the long-serving state development director of Kansans for Life.], when Brownback turns his sights on the governor’s race he’ll gave to “reestablish his credentials as a pro-lifer” and explain his vote. “All the pro-life votes in the world don’t make up for supporting Kathleen Sebelius,” said Gittrich. “This is like saying, ‘I’m against the Holocaust and Nazi Germany but I’d like Hitler to be in charge of the health care center.’”

Charming. And this Washington Times editorial arguing against appointing Rosa Brooks as an adviser to the Undersecretary of Defense takes much the same tack:

President Obama is surrendering national security with a radical appointment at the Defense Department. Rosa Brooks, this month made adviser to Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michelle Flournoy, will be in a position to do significant damage to U.S. security...Putting her in the policy shop "is like Lyndon Johnson making Jane Fonda a senior adviser on Vietnam," the former Pentagon adviser says.

So the moderate and extremely popular governor of Kansas is analogized to Hitler and a law professor with decades of public policy experience is analogized to Jane Fonda. Putting aside the insanity of the claims, it seems like they're using the A-list material a bit early. I mean, Hitler for the Secretary of Health and Human Services? Jane Fonda for an adviser to an undersecretary? You sort of wonder who will be left by the time they have to fight over the Undersecretary of Agriculture. ("This is like putting the Hamburglar in charge of the nation's food supply," thundered the Wall Street Journal.)