Could the John Edwards Scandal Get Any Grosser?

The latest sordid details in the John Edwards saga are supplied today by Ben Smith: Edwards expected diet Cokes to be delivered into his hand, just by silently raising it. And way more weirdness:

When John Edwards returned to North Carolina in the course of his long quest for the presidency, Andrew Young always met him at the airport in Edwards’s big black Chevy Tahoe. Young drove, and Edwards rode shotgun, silently raising his left hand whenever he wanted a Diet Coke, which Young would wordlessly supply.

When Edwards and his family arrived home, Young had made sure there was fresh milk in the fridge, a neatly trimmed lawn and neatly folded dry cleaning. When he arranged their vacation to Disney World in 2004, he naturally booked himself a ticket. And when Edwards’s mistress became pregnant, Young — at the cost of his reputation, his wife’s and his minister father’s — stepped forward to say the child was his.

Speaking of jobs, my ego just couldn't handle being a political aide.

--Dana Goldstein

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