Crazy and Crazier

In the last few years, many different kinds of communication technologies have been democratized. For instance, up until not too long ago, making a film that didn't look amateurish was impossible without a whole bunch of equipment whose expense made it out of reach for almost everyone, not to mention the technical expertise required. But today, you can buy a professional-quality HD video camera for a couple thousand dollars and video editing software like Apple's Final Cut Pro for a couple hundred, and presto, you can make what looks to be a "real" movie. That means that a kid with a dream to be the next Steven Spielberg can see that dream realized. It also means that a crazy person with a conspiracy theory can see his dream realized.

Which brings us to two new movie previews for anti-Obama films that, when you look at them, seem remarkably like "real" movies. The first, called "2016," is based on Dinesh D'Souza's nutty book "The Roots of Obama's Rage." It explains how Barack Obama is motivated in everything he does by a desire to punish America and the world for colonialism, because of the "rage" he inherited from the father he never knew. The images go by pretty fast, but my favorite is the black family playing Monopoly, who suddenly jump up from their chairs and start swinging at each other (it comes at the one-minute mark). Who are they supposed to be? The Obamas? Some of Obama's co-conspirators? People sent into a frenzy by his socialist policies? It's hard to tell. Anyhow, here's the preview:

All right, you say, that's pretty crazy, but we've heard it before. Can you show me something even crazier? Oh yes, I most certainly can. Talking Points Memo put together this highlight reel of "Dreams From My Real Father," an anti-Obama movie that uses a (very bad) Obama impersonator to take us deep into the heart of a paranoid conspiracy, one that reveals how Barack Obama was actually fathered by Frank Marshall Davis, a radical poet he knew as a boy. And he had a nose job before the 2008 campaign. Also, the CIA is involved somehow. Because, you know, duh. This one isn't quite as professional-looking as "2016," but I'm sure it'll still sell a few copies:

This makes me wonder: what are these people going to do if Obama wins a second term? What I mean is, if Obama is defeated, they'll say, "That was a close one! Good thing we warned America about Obama's sinister socialist plan, and disaster was averted!" If Obama wins, he'll go through his second term, doing things that these nutballs will certainly disagree with. But the hammer and sickle will not be raised over the White House, private enterprise will not be outlawed, and we won't all be herded onto collective farms. And then what will they say? They certainly won't say, "Well, maybe we overstated things a little."

Here's my guess: they'll say that Obama's non-socialist second term was all part of the plan. He softens up the American public with just a little socialism, and then, BAM! His successor (the 2016 Democratic nominee) is the one who really brings the disastrous socialist nightmare. Just you wait.

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