Dally Meme: Delusion and Moxie, Rove and Jindal

Politics may not be for the faint of heart, but it's often for the deluded of mind. Today's meme is about those who are deluding either themselves or others, and will inevitably have their hopes dashed by cruel reality. We start with Karl Rove, who went on Fox News Sunday and said that despite all that talk about Hillary Clinton and traumatic brain injuries, "Look, I'm not questioning her health." Sure, OK.

  • Louisiana governor and future presidential candidate Bobby Jindal penned an op-ed for foxnews.com arguing that the Affordable Care Act can still be repealed, despite what "those in the elite salons of Washington" may think. All you need is "political will," and maybe another 50 repeal votes in the House. That ought to do it.
  • San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is going to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and a lot of people see that as a stepping stone to a vice-presidential bid in 2016. Phillip Bump says: keep dreaming.
  • Almost 60,000 people have signed a petition asking Democrats to appoint firebrand Alan Grayson—and no one else—to the Benghazi select committee. That's either pure genius or completely insane, but I'm pretty sure it isn't going to happen.
  • Ed Kilgore brings us this crazy campaign video for Georgia congressional candidate Brian Slowinski, featuring a song the candidate wrote and performed himself. After listening to the recording, he may have said to himself, "That sounds terrific," which it most certainly is not. But I'll give him credit for that little bit of punk rock—someone shouting "Slowinskislowinskislowinski!"–mixed in with the junior-high-garage-band-on-its-first-day-of-rehearsal vibe.
  • A high school student in Connecticut invited Joe Biden to her prom. As much as he probably would have liked to go, he just sent her a corsage instead, a corsage that spent the evening soaked in her bitter tears.