DEFENDING MY HONOR. The old saying goes that one should never get in a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel. One might say the same about a man whose radio show is carried on 600 stations. But this will not stand:

Limbaugh then attacked Media Matters Senior Fellow Paul Waldman, who appeared on the Today and Scarborough segments: "The hack is presented as an expert. The Media Matters guy is an all-knowing expert. Nobody's ever heard of him; he's never accomplished anything. He's just a hack working for a front group for the Democrat [sic] Party, and they know this, yet they continue to do this." He asserted: "They know, Dan Abrams knows, and so does everybody else at NBC and CNN, that Media Matters is a [Sen.] Hillary Clinton [D-NY], George Soros, DNC front group." As noted repeatedly, Media Matters -- which is not affiliated with any political party or candidate -- has never received funding from Soros, either directly or indirectly. Limbaugh also falsely claimed that Waldman characterized him as him as a "pig" in his comments on Scarborough Country about the song parody. In fact, Waldman made no such comments about Limbaugh.

Hackdom, of course, is not easily defined, though I'd like to think I don't qualify. But as for Rush's contention that I've "never accomplished anything," that is an unconscionable slander, and I must object in the strongest possible terms.

Allow me to list some of my recent accomplishments:

  • Last weekend I disposed of a dead possum I found rotting in my back yard, without retching.
  • Just last night, I removed and lubricated the rear hub of my son's bike. After reassembly, the bike was intact, with all parts accounted for and, apparently, still operating.
  • Not long ago, I successfully completed the 621 steps necessary to obtain the rebate on my cell phone.

And unlike some people, I actually write my own books.

Ball's in your court, Rush.

--Paul Waldman

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