Does "D.C." Need Another Nickname?

The Washington Post has a story lamenting D.C.'s lack of a cool nickname and announcing one that's catching on: DMV, an acronym for the "District," Maryland, and Virginia, the city and suburbs that make up the metropolitan area. This of course is already an acronym for the Department of Motor Vehicles, which you can either decry as unfortunate -- or "painful" or "ugly" -- or apt. Who doesn't remember the distinct air of DMV ennui? Perhaps the implicit comparison to one of the country's most hated and inept bureaucracies expresses how people feel about government, but for PR's sake, D.C. residents should hope the Post is just inventing a trend, as newspapers tend to do, when it says DMV is "picking up speed." Plus, doesn't D.C. already have a decent nickname -- the "Beltway"?

-- Gabriel Arana

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