Editor's Note

Noy Thrupkaew, who has written regularly about culture for The American Prospect Online for nearly two years, is a finalist for a 2003 Online Journalism Award for commentary. You can read more about the awards here, and a complete list of finalists can be found here. She joins Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal's Web site, Mark Fiore of MarkFiore.com and James Stewart of SmartMoney.com as finalists for the award.

Thrupkaew was recognized as a finalist for five articles she wrote during the last year for TAP Online:

She's No Martha: A song of love for Julia Child

Housing Project: The splendid absurdity of Trading Spaces

Mac Attack: In defense of McDonald's. Sort of.

Magic Wanda: Will FOX let a talented comedian cast her spell?

Graphic Equalizer: How a comic-book novelist is capturing the essence of a charged moment in Iran

The winners will be announced Nov. 15 at the Online News Association's annual conference in Evanston, Ill.

Everyone here at the Prospect couldn't be happier for Thrupkaew. We hope that you, our readers, have enjoyed reading her pieces as much as we've enjoyed publishing them.

Richard Just

Editor, TAP Online