Editors' Note

As you may have noticed, the site looks different this week. We've just started a new subscription service that's available to you online; you'll find it when you click on selected stories from this month's print edition. If you're already a magazine subscriber, you can claim your free online subscription service today. You'll be able to read every article from the current print issue the same day it gets back to us from the printer's -- nearly two weeks before it hits the newsstand. If you're not a magazine subscriber, you can subscribe electronically today -- for the low price of $14.95 a year, not the $19.95 charged to print subscribers -- and get all the benefits of membership.

And remember: These changes have no impact on the availability of our online-only content. All of our Web-exclusive articles -- as well as TAPPED, our staff blog -- remain free of charge, so the work of such TAP contributors as Tony Hendra, Charles Pierce, Terence Samuel, and Laura Secor will continue to be available (as will a certain number of articles from the print magazine). Print articles that require a subscription will be marked by the icon T@P.

Along with our new subscription service, we have recently introduced some great new columnists, including:

  • Karen Finney, a k a “The Handler,” worked in the Clinton White House and on Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. Every other week, she looks at John Kerry, George W. Bush, and other politicians to see what they've done right and wrong (and what they should have done) on the campaign trail.

  • Mark Schmitt is the director of policy for the U.S. Programs of the Open Society Institute, a former congressional staffer, and an influential blogger (The Decembrist). He examines the rich history of contemporary liberalism and the ways in which contemporary liberalism does and does not draw on its history -- and what can be learned from it.

  • Kenneth S. Baer, a former senior speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore and author of the seminal history of the Democratic Leadership Council, Reinventing Democrats: The Politics of Liberalism from Reagan to Clinton, now runs Baer Communications, a Democratic consulting firm, and looks at the world of politics and ideas.


    -- The editors