EVEN BETTER THAN A SURGE! Why didn't we think of this, liberals? In order to complete the liberation of the Iraqis, we have to put them in concentration camps! So says conservative blogger Josh Trevino:

One might look to Algeria, where the Morice Line offers an instructive example of just how a hostile border can and should be sealed; and one might look especially to the Boer War, in which a fractious, semi-fanatical culture was slowly ground into submission by an occupying force � several years after the seeming success of the initial invasion. If it sounds familiar, it should: and so the means of victory there offer an instructive thought experiment for Iraq today.

Make no mistake: those means were cruel. I have stated previously that I endorse cruel things in war � to eschew them is folly. The British achieved victory over the Boers by taking their women and children away to concentration camps, by laying waste to the countryside, and by dotting the veld with small garrisons in blockhouses at regular intervals. The men who remained were hindered in their movements by the wire stretching from blockhouse to blockhouse (a phenomenon that the Morice Line experience has shown would be massively more effective now); they could either surrender or die. Absent women and children, the rules of engagement were lax.

I myself have often thought that the problem of Sunni intransigence requires something like a final solution. There's a mansion in Wannsee that I understand can be used to plan such an effort. We cannot shrink from our destiny!

--Spencer Ackerman