Frank Gaffney Loses It

The Shariah panic folks are taking hard the news that the alleged Oslo terrorist was a white anti-Muslim extremist who shared their views in a variety of ways. But I'm not sure anyone is having as much trouble as the Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney, whose website summarized yesterday's show thusly:

In his 1,500 page manifesto, Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik outlined his desire for partnerships with jihadists, as well as singled out those people he felt unjustly persecuted his fellow extremists. One of the people blamed in his declaration for the oppression of Muslims was Robert Spencer, a prominent author and the director of Jihad Watch. Robert joins Frank to discuss how the media continues to insist that his resistance to jihadist activities fuels anti-Muslim sentiments.

Many anti-Muslim activists and writers are beside themselves over being cited by Breivik, but Gaffney is the only one who seems to have constructed an alternate universe. Breivik doesn't so much "blame" Spencer as cite him more than 50 times and call his books "excellent." But I'm sure Breivik was really a secret Moozlem or something. I can't decide whether this is more or less crazy than Gaffney seeing "submission to Shariah" in the logo of the Missile Defense Agency.

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