FRED THOMPSON THEN AND NOW. Via Marc Ambinder, we have two sides of Fred Thompson, who no one remembers was also sort of considering a presidential run back in 1998:

Fred Thompson Then

From a August 21, 1998 article in Commercial Appeal:

Taking a jab at such career campaigners as former Gov. Lamar Alexander and Vice President Al Gore, Thompson responded to a question about a possible presidential candidacy by saying, ''Contrary to popular belief, I don't think you have to run for president for 15 years. Or four years.''

He said he would wait until later this year or early 1999 before making a decision about whether to run. He asked rhetorically whether it was more important to accomplish some important things in the Senate that he feels need to be accomplished ''or spend two months in Iowa talking about abortion.''

Fred Thompson Now

Heading off to Iowa to spend two three and a half months talking about abortion.

--Steven White