THE GI VOTE. Despite the fact that historically troops' absentee ballots have overwhelmingly gone to Republican candidates, when it comes to campaign donations, members of the military are showing a shift to the left (via Steve Benen). The amount of money soldiers contribute to Democrats has nearly doubled since the last presidential campaign cycle.

Obama, who has never served in the military, has brought in more contributions from uniformed service members—about $27,000—than any other presidential hopeful, Democrat or Republican. "I feel that he's the most progressive candidate and he stands for change," Griggs said. "I believe he is that breath of fresh air that we need to get this country back on course."

Among GOP candidates, Ron Paul, the only Republican who opposes the war, has brought in the biggest haul from the military since the start of the 2008 election cycle in January—at least $19,250. Republican John McCain, a Vietnam War prisoner who backs the administration's policy in Iraq, has raised $18,600.

It's unsurprising to me that soldiers are getting sick of multiple deployments in an increasingly frustrating war. Perhaps they are ready for a change.

--Kay Steiger

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