Girl Wanted: Must Be Able to Mange

Feeling idealistic? The following job description
recently appeared online at, a global directory of opportunities
at mostly left-leaning nonprofit groups.

Perivate Secretary to the Chairman IHRC

Job Category: Administration

Type: Full time

Description: The International Human Rights Commission need one Special
private secretary to the excelleny World Chairman for long term (10 years) full
time. Who will travel, stay and live with him all the time, she will organize his
all meetings, travel plans, and family and organizational issues.

Please do not apply for this job if you are not ready to relocate and spend
all your time with the chairman, The commission will provide all benifits.

Age of Applicant should be from 22 years to 28 years, should be female,
indepandent, confident, and know all the skills of office mangement.

Please send your C.V, along with your date of birth, copy of Pass port and
passport size phot via e-mail only.

We will consider and get back to you for interviews.

The International Human Rights Commission? Isn't that the
United Nations body that recently embarrassed the Bush administration by
excluding the United States from a seat for the first time since 1947? The
commission on which former U.S. Senator Geraldine Ferraro served in the 1990s?

Well, no. Judging from a Web site written in similar broken English, the
IHRC in question is an independent rights group set up by unnamed
international leaders after a 1988 conference held in London. The site includes a
photo and bio of current World Chairman Dr. Mohammad Shahid Amin Khan, who is
said to be a 38-year-old lawyer and journalist born in Pakistan. No mailing
addresses or phone numbers are listed for the IHRC, and attempts to contact
the commission by e-mail were met with cryptic responses.

Staff members at acknowledged that the job posting seemed
"sketchy" and "questionable." Executive Director Ami Dar noted several problems
with the ad, including its stated preference for female applicants and its lack
of specifics about salary and location. "I laughed out loud! Absolutely
ridiculous! Bizarre! In six years, I haven't recalled such a job posting," he
said. After the ad was evaluated by staffers, it was deemed
unacceptable and removed.

Idealist's program coordinator, Lorene Straka, explained that with a staff of
only five, the organization has its hands full trying to monitor the hundreds of
weekly postings that come in from a network of nearly 23,000 participating
organizations. Though staff members attempt to evaluate new postings each morning
and to block those that are inappropriate, the system allows information to be
entered directly onto the Web site before being reviewed, which has allowed the
occasional imposter posting. Straka says that the site, which is run by an
organization called Action Without Borders, also frowns on companies that try to
"sell something to our nonprofit, progressive audience."

In the case of the "Perivate Secretary" listing, employees
notified the International Human Rights Commission that the message was not
welcome. A similar listing popped up a week later, however, and staffers once
again removed it. Still, there was no official response from the IHRC answering's objections to the ad. Perhaps that is because 'His Excelleny'
lacks a Perivate Secretary.

Defining Diplomacy Down

"He is a completely competent interlocutor with whom one can speak in a
common language, understanding what it is we are talking about. This is a
positive thing, because it is difficult to talk to a person who does not
understand things."

--Vladimir Putin on George W. Bush, Associated Press, July 18, 2001