Good Candidates Are Hard to Find

Why do liberals love Elizabeth Warren so much? It's because of her actual record and positions, of course, and also because she is very talented at taking complex issues and presenting them in ways that are easy to understand without dumbing them down. It's also because she has a kind of nurturing warrior thing going on -- like if you broke into her house, she'd break both your arms and then sit you down on the couch and give you some cookies to eat while you waited for the cops to arrive. This parody video, which should be exploding across the interwebs any minute now, captures it perfectly:

But look -- did Scott Brown really think he was going to get away with being an elected Republican in Massachusetts for long? Who knows, maybe he'll be able to pull it off, or maybe Warren will suffer some kind of Red Sox-related campaign disaster. But for the moment, liberals can have at least one candidate to love next year.