THE GORE ENDORSEMENT. Like Ben Smith's dissenter of the day, I'm also not sure that Barack Obama has Al Gore's endorsement locked up. Yes, there are commonalities between the two, but taking all the chatter I've heard over the past year into account, I would have to say that there are doubts in Gore circles -- which may or may not have any impact on the former vice president's eventual decision -- about Obama's electability, as well. And Gore specifically praised Chris Dodd's CO2 tax proposal in the 02138 interview that kicked off this round of endorsement speculation.

P.S. Now that we've moved to a point where even Gore is discussing who will get his endorsement, can we please stop polling for his entry into the race? With a contest that's starting on January 14, there is no getting into the race "next year," as this A.P. story suggests. Gore either gets in now or he sits this one out. And as he told 02138 when questioned about entering the race, "I trust my instincts, and it doesn’t feel like it’s the right thing for doesn’t feel right to be a candidate at this point."

--Garance Franke-Ruta