Got Dean

Since it is now official, I'd like to say congratulations to Howard Dean. I supported you for president and I'm glad to see you elected as Chairman. The guy can raise money, energize the base, and connect with television viewers (my grandma absolutely loved him, that is coming from a woman who faithfully votes Republican). A man who was able to expand health care while remaining fiscally responsible (perhaps suggesting efficiency), and a man who courted the gun-rights vote while legalizing civil unions: balance.

I like Dean because he understands the biggers picture (of course, this observation is based solely on words rather than actions thus far). He wants to bring the Democrats to the South and the rural areas, and not just focus on swing states. He understands how important it is to have Democrats in positions of power throughout all levels of the political power i.e. school boards. Dean will lead the Democrats down a path where the Democrats are defining who the Democrats are, not the Republicans, and that, perhaps, is the greatest strategy of all.

-- Steve Cieslewicz