Ezra left big sneakers to fill. This is my inaugural posting. By way of introduction, I am a public health and social policy researcher at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. I review the book, Healthcare, Guaranteed, by Ezekiel Emanuel. Ezra has already discussed it in a few previous posts. I give a different take.

Like his brothers, Hollywood agent Ari and Illinois Congressman Rahm, Zeke Emanuel is an ambitious, peripatetic figure at the top of a difficult profession. A breast oncologist who chairs the Department of Bioethics at the Clinical Center of NIH, he combines clinical intelligence and ethical sensitivity with policy insight. Healthcare, guaranteed, a long collaboration with Stanford economist Victor Fuchs. Fuchs is arguably the founder of modern health economics. The book largely reflects their joint work.

Emanuel has been traveling the country presented his plan in bravura fashion. Under their plan, every American would effectively receive a federally-funded voucher sufficient to purchase a private insurance plan. There would be no premiums or deductibles. Insurers could not deny or refuse to renew coverage, to anyone. There would be no more uninsured. There would be no more Medicare, Medicaid, or SCHIP. We would all participate in a common system.What should we make of all this?

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