Hillary Clinton in Moscow.

The Russians have told Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton that they are not keen on imposing new
sanctions against Iran in order to thwart its efforts to develop
nuclear weapons,reports The New York Times . This
should not come as a surprise, since the Russians have shown
signs that they were not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect,
but American officials seemed to think that the Russians
would agree in the end. That now seems even more unlikely.

American officials have been underestimating the Russians these
days -- or at least not taking into account the level of aggression that
Russians have toward the United States, even with President Obama in
office. Americans seem to think that the Russians will come around and start to see things their way on foreign policy issues – but
that is misguided. Just as Clinton was arriving in Moscow, Russia's chief
of the Strategic Missile Forces announced that “Russia would
deploy multiple-warhead missiles in December, the same month a nuclear
arms control treaty expires,” reports The Moscow Times. The fact that the
Russians had been planning to deploy the missiles was already known
-- they are claiming that the missiles would not violate the treaty,
although American officials do not agree -- but the announcement was
clearly made because Clinton was in town, and as a rebuke to the
Americans. Whether or not American officials will heed the warning and
choose a new path in dealing with the Russians, however, is not clear.

--Tara McKelvey