I'VE GOT A THEORY. I'm traveling and haven't been doing my normal quotient of blog reading, so maybe others have said this. But: How sure are we that this 1984-Hillary ad was made by an Obama "supporter"? Because when I saw it, my immediate reaction was that it was made by a winger. It's conservatives who have this Orwellian view of HRC -- they think she wants the state to control everything, she wants to take away your babies so they can be raised in state orphanages where the party line will be piped through the sound system, and so forth.

Think of the mental connections the person who did this ad needed to make. He or she needed to be sitting around thinking that a Clinton presidency would take us to Orwell's Oceania. It really strikes me as a conservative's dot-connecting. Plus it follows that, at least in my anecdotal experience, most wingers think Hillary is the Dems' most formidable candidate, so one of their number doing a pro-Obama thing makes sense on that level, too.

--Michael Tomasky