In the absence of other things to say about the primary, the MSM has resorted to repeating reports along the "Oh noooez the Democrats are going to eat each other alive" storyline. Case in point: this story in today's Post titled "Continuing Battle Divides Democrats." Funny thing is, when you actually read the article, few of the individuals quoted seem to strike the same terrified tone as the headline would have you believe. But that reality doesn't feed the MSM's hunger for chaos and confusion I guess.

Meanwhile, John McCain seems well aware that giddiness about the split among Democrats is premature, according to the latest Evans-Novak Political Report:

Obama's difficulties and the prolongation of the Clinton-Obama confrontation have lifted Republicans from their slough of despondence to optimism about the presidential election. The transformation from deep pessimism to overriding optimism is such that McCain is privately warning supporters that once the nomination is decided and supporters of the losing Democratic candidate return to the fold, he will fall behind badly (though, McCain hopes, temporarily).

So perhaps all this hand-wringing about the Democratic Party is worth it if it's making the GOP complacent.

--Kate Sheppard