From K Street to Main Street

This week featured a vision of two different paths Occupy Wall Street could take after being evicted from public parks across the country.  In Washington, D.C., activists from labor, Occupy, and elsewhere held a “99% in DC” event that began with a day of visits to congressional offices to demand jobs legislation. Occupiers then followed up by shutting down intersections on K Street, which is known for the number of lobbying organizations headquartered there.

Tuesday also marked a major escalation of the movement to stop foreclosures. In more than 20 cities, OWS protesters disrupted foreclosure auctions, moved families into abandoned buildings, and mobilized to support people refusing to leave their homes. The actions brought activists into neighborhoods that have seen few protests. Many of the actions were designed as housewarming or block parties, with songs, music, and holiday gifts for kids.

Meanwhile, two of the largest remaining encampments are under threat, as police temporarily cleared Occupy San Francisco Wednesday and, after days of speculation, raided Occupy Boston early yesterday morning. Activists also occupied over a fake Zuccotti set created for an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

The five most important OWS pieces this week

Photo of the Week: 
Mike Konczal