AT LEAST HE'S HONEST. This essay, published by Family Security Matters (an arm of the influential Center for Security Policy) really has a to be read in its entirety to be believed, but a few quotes should give you a feel for it:

By elevating popular fancy over truth, Democracy is clearly an enemy of not just truth, but duty and justice, which makes it the worst form of government. President Bush must overcome not just the situation in Iraq, but democratic government ....

If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq (therefore turning it from a liability to an asset); and boost American prestige while terrifying American enemies.

He could then follow Caesar's example and use his newfound popularity with the military to wield military power to become the first permanent president of America, and end the civil chaos caused by the continually squabbling Congress and the out-of-control Supreme Court.

The author, Philip Atkinson has since been completely scrubbed from FSM's Web site, but he was listed as a "contributing editor." This needs to be a bigger issue, if only to make clear just how nuts some people on the right can be. Will the major media outlets pick this up? I hope so, but somehow I'm not optimistic.

--Sam Boyd