It's all happening on The Strip:

  • Can Clinton "turn up the heat" on her rivals or is she going to pull a John Kerry and wait too long to respond? This whole "above the fray thing" may look like good strategy when the opponent is Jonathan Tasini, but Barack Obama seems to have realized he's not fighting Alan Keyes any more, and Clinton won't keep her lead if she doesn't start to make some offensive moves.

  • How much of an issue will Edwards make of the plants, and can Clinton successfully counter-frame him as someone running an online anti-Clinton marketing campaign, and not a serious race for the presidency?

  • Will anyone ask Obama about the nearly 80 percent of votes he's missed since Sept.? Or ask Chris Dodd and Joe Biden about what kind of impact their chronic absences (they both run important committees) have had on the Senate's ability to conduct business? I've heard complaints about how the latter two's absences -- along with the intransigence of Joe Lieberman -- have turned Harry Reid into the Minority Leader.

  • Marc Cooper, whose knowledge of Vegas is second to none, gives us the run-down on the the role the unions could play in the Nevada contest, and lists seven things to look for in tonight's debate.

  • While, in other news, Kit Seelye asks: "Which is worse? A voter using the word “bitch” in referring to Hillary Clinton? Or John McCain’s attempt to cash in on it?" (These are the questions that make a girl tear her hair out.)

  • Obama wasn't the only one thinking high tech; Mike Huckabee -- who's just 2 points away from Mitt Romney in the latest ARG poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers -- toured the Microsoft Corp campus in Redmond, Washington.

  • And Denny Hastert bid the House farewell.