• Mike Huckabee has pulled statistically even with Mitt Romney in Iowa, and into third place in a Reuters/Zogby national poll -- ahead of Romney.
  • New Hampshire does not look as good for him, but at least the state has finally set its primary date, January 8.
  • Bill Richardson is touting a surge there.
  • The neglected John Edwards gets a big New York Times story and -- while it can't be what he'd hoped for -- it's a must-read for historians of '04. It also raises the intriguing question of whether what Edwards learned from the 2004 general election race is that it's better to be in the Bush role than the Kerry-Edwards one. Certainly Edwards' attacks on Clinton's straightforwardness are more reminiscent of the campaign Bush waged against Kerry than the one Edwards waged against Dick Cheney in 2004.
  • Michael Currie Schaffer deftly takes on "[t]he generational fallacy" at the heart of Andrew Sullivan's argument for Barack Obama.
  • And Obama decides that what his possible general election campaign really needs is more video of him talking about having done drugs and chased girls in high school. Rudy Giuliani responds with perplexing forgiveness and says he values Obama's honesty.

Perhaps it's the spirit of the holidays. Have a happy one.

--Garance Franke-Ruta