Lightning Round: One of These Parties is not Like the Other.

  • The fact that the Koch brothers are planning to pony up $88 million for next year's elections tells me just one thing: the conservative movement's paranoia about the consequences of the Obama presidency are incredibly out of whack with the actual accomplishments of the Obama administration. This is a big problem if you're serious about promoting conservative governance when all your potential allies are blabbing about how Obama is actually Karl Marx in a time machine.
  • Jonathan Chait jokes that the next logical career step for deposed autocrat Hosni Mubarak is to run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but what I find interesting, charges of liberal bias aside, is how cracking jokes at the GOP's expense has become so commonplace that it's a wonder they ever win elections. Of course, they do win elections and will continue to do so, which is more than a little scary given how unserious they are.
  • CPAC roundup: Gary Johnson gets a cold reception; Newt Gingrich holds the intelligence of his audience in complete contempt; Republicans warmly accept birthers through laugh lines; conservatives get really excited over a former VP candidate impostor; some college kids fancy themselves the last line of defense for Western Civilization; and even Dick Cheney has a rough go of things.
  • Remainders: Nancy Pelosi thinks it's a big deal that Republicans are attempting to turn women into second-class citizens; you'd think by now that people would understand the consequences of electing miserly Republicans who want to undermine any basis for a decent society; and you can always count on finding some conservative willing to make the "these savages in the Middle East are incapable of self-rule" argument.