Lightning Round: The Senate Is Not Full of Lady Gaga Fans.

  • In a dismaying reminder of the poor state of government, Senate Democrats came up short of the 60 votes necessary to proceed on a defense spending bill that included an amendment repealing DADT. Greg Sargent says GOP obstructionism works as a tactic, exposing Dems to the charge that they're not trying hard enough, possibly hurting them in the midterms. For now, the last chance to repeal DADT this year will come in the lame duck session after the Department of Defense publishes a report on the policy.
  • We now know the limits of going rogue. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkoswki and Florida Governor Charlie Crist have provoked the ire of the Republican base by refusing to stand down after suffering defeats in GOP primaries and instead campaign as write-in candidates or independents. Sarah Palin, seeming none too impressed, said that “The time for primary debate is over. It’s time for unity now.” And Republicans are floating the idea of stripping Murkowski of her committee slots.
  • Time to make our own demands, it seems. After much discussion the last few weeks over what the Fed would do to stimulate economic growth, its governing committee issued a statement today saying it will not take steps to pump more money into the economy. But it did hint that future action is a possibility.
  • Remainders: Disturbing news for Sen. Russ Feingold's reelection chances in Wisconsin; Why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rallies aren't just fun and games; Do some new statistics about interracial marriage point the way past identity politics?; This year is officially the deadliest yet for troops in Afghanistan.
-- Sam Petulla