Lightning Round: Tax Pro-Cons.

  • Obama announced his tax-cut plan today, but some Blue Dog Democrats continue to oppose it. In a conversation with The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, Jim Matheson (D-Utah), explains that even though national polls show support for letting the tax cuts for the rich expire, that’s not necessarily true for his district. “In the midst of a recovery from a deep recession, I don't think that plays well in a lot of districts," he says. Dems now must decide which of their candidates to bolster -- and which not to.
  • Delware native and newly minted Slate blogger Dave Weigel mourns Mike Castle’s crushing upset for the GOP nomination. Writing about the conservative commentariat's response, he balks: “These conservatives are not from Delaware.” He goes on to break down Delaware’s demographics and explain why Castle’s political career is not done yet -- at least not in Delware.
  • In a strange twist of fate, the current populist resurgence on the right is starting to erode Republican Party unity from within. After Karl Rove blasted Republican primary winner -- and heavy Tea Party favorite -- Christine O’Donnell for saying “nutty things,” Sarah Palin stepped up to her defense, calling Rove “in the machine,” and telling him to “Buck up!” It’s unclear how these new rifts will play politically come January, much less November, but frequent Rove commentator Joshua Greene thinks Rove was right to speak up. “Any litmus test that leaves Rove outside the boundaries of what constitutes an acceptable Republican is a ridiculous one,” he says.
  • Remainders: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty's mistakes; journalists flee Fox News; blacks beat out whites on happiness; and Andrew Sullivan steps up to defend TNR's Marty Peretz.

-- Sam Petulla