Making His Move

One more time, let's have no question of what Edwards is staking his next run on:

In what appeared to be an early start for the 2008 campaign cycle, John Edwards told New Hampshire Democrats on Saturday that poverty was "one of the great moral issues of our time," and he pledged to help fight it.

"It may seem like an impossible goal to end poverty, but that's what the skeptics said about all of our other great challenges," said Mr. Edwards, the former vice-presidential candidate. "If we can put a man on the moon, conquer polio and put libraries of information on a chip, then we can end poverty for those who want to work for a better life."

Not bad. For a variety of reasons, I'm no fan of Edwards, but I'm all for a Democrat planting himself on stage and demanding an end to economic injustice. That he's doing so can only be good for the debate.