Media Malpractice Of The Day

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is infamous among liberals for his views on race and gay rights, and for being someone GOP presidential hopefuls go to to shore up their social conservative bonafides. The New York Times, reporting on Fischer, shows the limits of faux objectivity: 

Perhaps most notably, Mr. Fischer trumpets the disputed theory that Adolph Hitler was a homosexual and that the Nazi Party was largely created by “homosexual thugs” — evidence, he says, of the inherent pathologies of homosexuality. Mr. Fischer has also said that no more Muslims should be granted citizenship because their religion says to kill Americans, and that welfare recipients “rut like rabbits” because of what he calls welfare’s perverse incentives.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Americans stay misinformed. The Nazis hated gays almost as much as they hated Jews -- homosexuality was punishable by death under the regime. The notion that the Nazis were a "homosexual cabal" is based on a piece of junk history manufactured by anti-gay conservatives eager to imply that granting rights to gays and lesbians will lead to genocide. 

What exactly, is the point of journalism if someone can just refer to an obvious piece of propaganda and get The New York Times to refer to it as a “disputed theory”?

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