A MESSAGE FROM DR. JOHN. I got a minute with New Orleans legend Dr. John after he performed at the star-studded concert, "New Orleans: Rebuilding the Soul of America," headlined by Wynton Marsalis Tuesday night at the New Orleans Arena. Asked what he wanted liberals in Washington to know about the state of things in New Orleans, he replied, "We been tryin' to get any help here, and there ain't been none comin'... the wetlands has been disappearin' for 50 years, and that's the only thing that protects this state and Mississippi and all down in the Gulf. And since all the money has been, I would say, under corruption for 50 years, has disappeared, and is still disappearin', with FEMA and all of the rest of the people, we're bringin' people back to New Orleans one at a time."
(Emphasis his; take my word for it.)

I mentioned that Cyril Neville had told me that some people still don't know where their friends and family members are.

"Some people?! " he said, his eyes wide with indignation. "Over half this city don't have a clue. They're either missin' in action, dead in St. Gabriel and nobody knows who they are -- and I could go on with a list of gripes. So there, babe."

And with that, his handler said, "We've got to go." Dr. John eased himself down into the back seat of his car, and off he went into the muggy night.

--Adele M. Stan