Mitt Romney's Wingman

Ron Paul's constant support for Mitt Romney has been one of this campaign's enduring mysteries. Paul has attacked every other candidate, often with vigor, but has never aimed his sites at Romney. And now he's taking on Rick Santorum directly, with his admaker's unusual (for political ads, anyway) style of hyper-kinetic, animation-based frenzy. Check it out:

We'll get to the substance in a minute, but first, why is Paul doing this? I guess you could argue that if he helps Romney knock off Santorum, then it's just him and Romney. The hottest conspiracy theory is that Paul is actually working to secure a VP nod for his son, the spectacularly awful Rand Paul, and Dad carrying water for the probable nominee is the best way to do it. But nobody really knows what lurks in the heart of Paul.

The attack on Santorum is actually pretty revealing. It all flies by pretty fast, but in there you have that Santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling; "doubled the size of the Department of Education" (because he voted for George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind); supported a big entitled expansion (because he voted for George W. Bush's Medicare prescription drug bill); sent billions of our tax dollars to dictators (because he supported aid to Egypt, the second-largest recipient of US aid after Israel); and gave money to Planned Parenthood (not sure, but I'm guessing it refers to something buried deep in a huge spending bill that he voted for). In other words, here's the essence of the attack: Rick Santorum was a Republican US senator when George W. Bush was president!

It just shows how far things have come in the GOP, when supporting Dubya means you weren't a real conservative.

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